Historic Abbott Apartments
110 East 18th Street in Minneapolis, MN 55403
Leasing Office: (612) 338-5588

Newly Remodeled Apartments

Urban Living in Historic Stevens Square

You’re invited to come and tour one of the finest historical buildings within the Stevens Square Community. Some areas within Abbott Apartments, still contain terrazzo flooring, original hardwood banisters and historical elements that have been saved and preserved for years to come.

Be among the first residents’ to be part of the Historic Abbott Apartments Community! Completely renovated and remodeled, this beautiful building is centrally located on 18th Street and 1st Avenue South in the Stevens Square Community.

OPEN HOUSE                                   July 23rd 9 AM to 1:30 PM

August Availability:

1 BR     $940                                                   - 507 Sq Ft

September Availability:

2 BR     $1250                                                 - 715 Sq Ft

2 BR     $1125                                                 - 627 Sq Ft

1 BR     $1280                                                 - 716 Sq Ft

1 BR     $1130                                                 - 646 Sq Ft

October Availability:

2 BR     $1255                                                 - 642 Sq Ft

2 BR     $1275                                                 - 642 Sq Ft

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